10 Best Automotive Moments In Pro Wrestling


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Think of some of the most awesome moments in pro wrestling from the past couple decades. If you’re a fan, at least one of your top 10 probably involves some sort of vehicle. In a world where theatrics trump everything, mystery limos, sports cars, and monster trucks are as much a part of pro wrestling as suplexes, backhand chops (WHOOOOO!!), and chokeslams. Here are the 10 best automotive moments in pro wrestling, and that’s the bottom line, cuz CarDebater.com said so!

10. John Cena Drives Mustang Into Wrestlemania 23

After revving the engine and burning some rubber in the streets around Ford Field, Cena drives a Ford Mustang into the stadium and through a glass panel letting everyone know the Champ is Here!

9. Goldberg’s Monster Truck Destroys Rick Steiner’s Car

For a few years in WCW,  no wrestler was more dominant than Goldberg. In his prime, Goldberg repeatedly asked us “Who’s Next?” and ran over people’s cars with his monster truck. I’m not sure if this is more impressive than his spear/jackhammer combo, but it’s pretty cool watching Goldberg demolish Rick Steiner’s car. At least Steiner was nicknamed The Dog-Faced Gremlin. I wish people called me the Dog-Faced Gremlin…

8. Undertaker Takes Last Ride in Hearse

The main event of No Mercy 2004 ended with Taker being driven away in a hearse, but it took some classically shady JBL antics. Just when it looked like Taker was going to load Bradshaw into the hearse, Heidenreich (who?) comes out of the hearse and gives the Dead Man the ol’ chloroform rag to the face. Taker sits up inside the hearse and comes back for more, but the deadly Heidenreich and JBL duo proves to be too much for Undertaker. After getting driven backstage, Heidenreich rams a truck into the hearse. Classic Heidenreich.

7. NWO Drives Semi Into The Rock’s Ambulance

In a less impressive second run as a stable, the aging NWO proved that it was “4 Life” when the faction battled The Rock in the WWE. On this particular evening, Hogan and his gang of miscreants roughed up the Brahma Bull real bad. After the paramedics loaded The Rock into an ambulance, NWO members cut off the emergency vehicle to prevent it from leaving the arena. Hollywood Hogan hops in a semi and rams it into the ambulance a couple times, laying the Smackdown on the Rock…Brother.

6. Hulk Hogan Runs Over Undertaker’s Motorcycle

Before Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania (a simpler time) and he was in his badass biker stage, Taker and Hulk Hogan were mixed up in a doozy of a feud. Hogan had Taker’s motorcycle and was driving around backstage like a lunatic looking for the Dead Man. When Hogan couldn’t find him, he decided to get behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler and destroy the motorcycle, forcing it to Rest. In. Peace.

5. Mr. McMahon’s Limo Blows up and Kills Him. Except Not.

This whole shit was really weird and terrible. In short, Vince felt bad about himself and organized a “Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night.” But no one appreciated Vinny Mac and as he methodically strutted to his limo to leave the arena, you knew something was about to go down. Boom! His limo blows up, the lights faded to black, and Vince McMahon is dead.

WWE.com reported the explosion as if it actually happened and some news outlets followed suit. After weeks of tributes and a fricken memorial service for this not dead person, WWE scrapped the storyline when Chris Benoit made everything a bit too real. It was a dumb idea that turned out to be in bad taste, but there is “No Chance in Hell” I was leaving it off the list.

4. DX Invades Nitro in Army Jeep

In an ongoing battle between WWE and WCW for pro wrestling supremacy in the late 1990s, DX invaded WCW Monday Nitro in military gear on the back of a Marine utility vehicle with two words for the rival company. As part of the war for Monday Night ratings, this unprecedented move by HHH and his crew is still talked about as one of the most legendary moments in Monday night wrestling history.

3. Kurt Angle Soaks the Alliance in Milk

I’ll get to the far superior Stone Cold beer truck episode, but Kurt Angle driving a milk truck to the ring and spraying delicious dairy all over Stone Cold and the Alliance is certainly worth a top three spot. You’ve probably already seen this, but it’s worth watching to see Stone Cold berate Taz.

2. Stone Cold Fills Mr. McMahon’s Corvette with Cement

Welcome to the top two, also known as the the Stone Cold portion of the list. As one of many acts of defiance by the Texas Rattlesnake, he drove a cement truck into the arena and filled McMahon’s Corvette with concrete. After the Corvette is completely filled and covered in cement, Mankind tries to fetch the keys, leaving JR to sympathetically say, “Mick’s just somewhere else, bless his heart.” So much awesome here.

1 . Stone Cold’s Beer Truck

Not only is this one of the most iconic automotive moments in pro wrestling history, it’s one of the most memorable from the Attitude Era. While being sprayed by beer from a hose is a dream of mine, the Corporation didn’t share my idea of a good time. Note the high pitched screams, Vince’s spectacular reaction, and the absolute carnage this light mist of beer causes.

There are a few reason’s this is two spots better than Kurt Angle’s Milk Truck

1. It’s beer
2. It was first
3. The acting and commentary is funnier


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