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5 Awesome ‘Yahoo Answers’ Questions: Automotive/Transportation Edition

Car WTFs

Brian is a writer focusing on the automotive world. After running his 2000 Ford Taurus into the ground, he fell head over heels for a 2013 Mazda3, because Skyactiv Technology. Duh.

When you’re aimlessly browsing the Internet, few online locations can keep you better entertained than Yahoo Answers. It’s a special place where halfwits can ask blockheads ridiculous questions. Better yet, those same halfwits and blockheads provide the answers. It’s the circle of life.

Sure, there are plenty of valid questions and discussions that take place on Yahoo Answers, but no one gives a shit about those. We care about the outlandish questions that no functioning members of society would ever consider asking out loud, or to themselves, for that matter. So I spent a really solid 20 minutes combing through “Yahoo Answers” Questions in the Automotive/Transportation category and found 5 that stood out among the mass chaos.
Glowstick In Dash

ANSWER: Your first mistake was trying to remove that glowstick. You made the choice to put it there, now show some fortitude and let it hang! Without it, how is your car going to light up when you drive it at night? How is the party going to jump off? Do you no longer want to get Turnt up?

If you leave it in your dash, it’s probably going to melt and release whatever magic goo lives within glow sticks. Eventually, your car will come to life.


Driving In Reserve

ANSWER: Driving In Reserve Is Something We All Struggled With When We Began Driving. There Is NO GOOD Way To Learn Other Than By Practicing. Really, Driving In Reserve Is Not Much Different Than Driving Forewarn, So Don’t BE Embarass Or a Nervous Wreck, You’ll Get It!


Roommate Returns With Government Vehicle

ANSWER: This question is incredible and I must know the answer. First, your roommate is fucking awesome. Not just because she is driving a U.S. Department of Defense vehicle, but because she is playing it so god damn cool. I don’t have a good answer here, but she is obviously a secret agent, vigilante or criminal. No matter, you need to get to the bottom of this and start writing a movie script – this is tailor-made for a chase scene.


Hate Riding Bus

ANSWER: Soooo….do you you really hate riding the bus, or are you just not sure? Also, if you want to save enough for a car, but don’t know what to do, then you have bigger problems than the creepies on the bus.


Girl Driving Camaro

Ezibit MemeANSWER: Are you talking about yourself in this scenario? Because you might be overcompensating by saying “she is a good looking, innocent girl too.”

My first thought would be, “You are ruining your Camaro with racing stickers.” My second thought is, “Why are you “pimping” your car yourself when there are professionals like Xzibit to do it for you?”

Bonus!! – Man About To Die

Help needed fast

ANSWER: I know this isn’t real, but what if it was? I like to think it is.

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