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Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick: What Do They Have in Common?

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Aaron Rodgers likes fast women. Well, kind of.

The recent confirmation of the relationship between the 2-time NFL MVP and former race car driver was certainly a surprise to many. Since his breakup with movie star Olivia Munn, Rodgers has been linked to several women on dates, such as soccer player Marie Margolius. But the Patrick connection came seemingly out of nowhere.

What do Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick have in common?

  • They are both professional athletes. The caveat here is that Danica just recently retired from NASCAR, although she did just pick up a ride for the 2018 Daytona 500 and Indy 500, while Aaron is expected to be among the elite in his sport again next year.
  • They both came off a tough professional 2017. As mentioned in the last point, Danica was bounced out of NASCAR after another underperforming season. Meanwhile, Aaron broke his collarbone and was sidelined for the rest of the season.
  • They both are coming off high-profile relationships. Aaron, notably, was in a long-term relationship with Munn, a professional actor, before breaking it off earlier this year. Danica dated fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. last season.
  • They are both in the news for things other than their talents. Aaron gained some unwanted fame on The Bachelor, when his brother Jordan won the contest, and along the way, told America that Aaron no longer speaks with the family. Danica, meanwhile, is the highest profile female in racing, so is constantly in the spotlight for that – not necessarily her on-track performance.
  • They both have attitude. While Aaron seems to get more of a pass here as a competitor, he definitely has been spotted not appreciating certain comments. Notably, his teammates called him sensitive in an episode of 60 Minutes, and Aaron proved their point by publicly not appreciating it. Danica, meanwhile, is ready to fight every competitor whenever she’s in a crash on the track.
  • They are both sub-par drivers? Okay, this one is a bit harsh, as anyone that drives in Indy and NASCAR as Danica has, clearly has some skill. But her lack of winning (save one obscure Indy win in 2008 in Japan) is what she is most known for in racing. Aaron on the other hand is probably a fine driver, but his perfectionist side caused him to labor to get this parking job just right heading into Lambeau. (Video below)

Overall, maybe their similar life experiences add up to a match. But like the other relationships for the two in the past, it seems unlikely that this one will go the distance, just like the Packers in the recent playoffs and Danica in any given race… And hey, at least Danica isn’t entering a Kurt Busch situation.

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