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Driver Shows Up Inside Vehicle Six Hours After Crash

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Wes grew up around cars at the family business. He makes no attempt to hide his love of early 90s GM products, and still repents selling his sweet '94 Pontiac Sunbird a few years back.

A late night vehicle crash, and the driver is nowhere to be found. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence. In fact, I’ve had friends that have pulled this maneuver to weasel out of a DUI. If you aren’t badly hurt – but your car is – you get away long enough to sober up, only to re-emerge later claiming to have no idea why your car was found upside down in a cornfield. While you can still be on the hook for some penalties, the dreaded DUI is off the table.

That’s why first responders to a crash in Dayton, Ohio recently weren’t that surprised when they found a Chevy Impala crashed at 3 a.m. into a cemetery fence on New Year’s Day with no one inside. A 90 minute search of the car and the area turned up nothing. But where the story takes a turn is when the car was taken to a towing company’s lot.

While opening the door to place debris inside six hours after the crash, the tow yard worker heard cries from inside the car. The car’s elevated position allowed the worker to see the driver crammed underneath the car’s dash.

Obviously, the incident is being investigated. This was either the worst first responder crew on the planet, or the guy found his way back to the car after sobering up. Remember, the accident occurred at 3 a.m. on New Year’s Day…and it just so happens that the tow yard was only 500 yards away from the crash site.

If drinking was involved, the guy is lucky he was able to escape into the cemetery he crashed into, instead of finding it to be his permanent residence. But, we’ll let the investigation play out to see what really happened. What are your thoughts?


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