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Ford GT Will Not Have Electronically Limited Top Speed

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Brian is a writer focusing on the automotive world. After running his 2000 Ford Taurus into the ground, he fell head over heels for a 2013 Mazda3, because Skyactiv Technology. Duh.

The new Ford GT is so good looking. Getting up-close and personal with that thing conjures very raw, primal feelings that humans should not feel toward cars. Fortunately, Ford provided a cold shower of boredom during its vehicle walk around at the Chicago Auto Show.

In what felt like an apology for a poor presentation, Ford offered candy bars to those who asked questions in the final few minutes. Of course, the reps were pretty tight-lipped about any Ford GT details, despite some clever questioning from the crowd regarding production dates and numbers. While a lot of non-answers were given, the final questioner asked whether the Ford GT will have an electronically limited top speed or if it will “get what it gets.”

After a moment of hesitation, Ford confirmed the Ford GT will not have an electronically limited top speed — thank god — meaning we’ll see some impressive specs in the future.

The presentation itself felt a lot like a group assignment in a high school speech class. After seeing Mazda’s comfortable, conversational Miata Concept walkaround this morning, Ford’s felt unauthentic and bland. What made it feel so 11th grade were the three videos, one of which had no sound, that served as nothing more than time fillers. Why show us videos about a car that is four feet in front of us?

Overall, it was probably the most boring 30 minutes of the entire Chicago Auto Show experience, but sticking around for the tidbit regarding the GT’s top speed made it worth the pain. Now take a minute and admire this beautiful bastard.

2016 Ford GT Rear Dual Exhaust Tailights Chicago Auto Show

2016 Ford GT Rear Dual Exhaust Back Silver

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