The Real Victim In The Latest Justin Bieber Incident


Wes grew up around cars at the family business. He makes no attempt to hide his love of early 90s GM products, and still repents selling his sweet '94 Pontiac Sunbird a few years back.

A reputation has been ruined. And it centers around a case of (alleged) street racing under the influence. Of course I am talking about the Justin Bieber incident. But the reputation that was ruined wasn’t his. Well, maybe it was – but who cares? And it wasn’t the floosie that was with him. Not sure she had a reputation, but again, don’t care. No, the real damage was done to the reputation of the innocent car in this situation – the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

justin bieber

You could have killed that innocent car…

The Spyder is undoubtedly a cool car. With 10 cylinders under the hood producing an output of 550 horsepower, it can leave almost anything in the dust. And at a price of more than 200-grand, it is usually reserved for those that will actually appreciate it.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line we decided that “celebrities” should be able to get whatever they wanted. So here we are with an idiot like Justin Bieber driving around in a car that he doesn’t deserve. Add alcohol, marijuana and pills to the mix, and the recipe for disaster is complete. Thankfully, the no-talent behind the wheel was extricated before he crashed and damaged the car.

But even though it wasn’t physically dented or scratched, the emotional damage was done. How would you like to be photographed next to that doucher on every website and publication in America and many throughout the world?

I can only hope that the yellow Gallardo Spyder can work through these issues. Maybe a talk with Eddie Murphy’s Land Cruiser will make the Spyder realize that things could have been worse.


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