Toyota Dealership’s ‘Keys In A Box’ Music Video Is Pure Gold


John is a full-time automotive blogger who digs cars, but also spends a disturbing amount of time watching and reading about movies. His first car was a maroon 1993 Buick Skylark which, after a solid seven-year run, was laid to rest in August of 2013.

These days just about every video put out by a car dealership should be avoided at all costs. You’ll either get the shaky, shadow-filled footage of a salesman walking around a car while trying to yell over the constant wind noise, or you’ll get the cringe-worthy, attention-grabbing videos with some asshat howling about the latest specials going on at the dealership.

You will find neither of those abominations at Oak Lawn Toyota, however, because this is a dealership that understands the internet. Finally.

Earlier this week, Oak Lawn Toyota posted what could quite possibly be the single greatest video ever produced by a car dealership. Although it may not have potential to break the internet, it’s definitely possesses the potential to go viral.

I give you “Keys in a Box.”

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  1. Sporty12

    Nov 15, 2014 at 9:00 am

    Sorry, but I will never buy another vehicle from them after the way I was treated during my last purchase. That was my fifth new car purchase from the same salesman. My trade-in appraiser made ridiculous judgments from assuming auto car wash wax overspray was from repainting body damage.

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