Which Hatchback Offers The Most Cargo Space?


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The four-door hatchback. It’s the automotive world’s way of offering a best-of-both-worlds scenario –  “outstanding fuel economy” and “great cargo space.” But how much actual cargo space is available on the four-door hatchbacks on the market? And which hatchback has the most cargo space? These are questions people want to have answered – but the information isn’t always readily available on manufacturer sites. I’m guessing the reason in some cases is that the vehicles aren’t really that impressive in terms of cargo space.

An example would be the Ford Fiesta hatchback. Ford is more than eager to tell you about the fuel economy and even the performance on the main page for the model. But to get to the cargo capacity figures, you have to dig a little deeper. This is probably because the new Ford Fiesta offers a meager 14.9 cubic feet of cargo room behind the seats and 25.4 cubic feet of maximum cargo capacity. This isn’t going to get the job done for many people. There aren’t even any pictures of the trunk in the image gallery.

Then there’s the Toyota Yaris. The back seat doesn’t fold down on the base version, so you have what you have. And the other versions with the 60/40 split-folding rear seat don’t offer a max cargo number. So we may never know…

To help uncover the mystery of which hatchback has the most cargo space – check out the chart below with the cold hard facts.

Which Hatchback Has The Most Cargo Space?

 Cargo RoomMaximum Cargo Room
2015 Honda Fit16.6 cubic feet52.7 cubic feet
2014 Kia Rio15 cubic feet49.8 cubic feet
2014 Chevy Sonic19 cubic feet47.7 cubic feet
2014 Hyundai Accent21.2 cubic feet47.5 cubic feet
2014 Nissan Versa Note18.8 cubic feet38.3 cubic feet
2014 Scion xD10.5 cubic feet35.7 cubic feet
2014 Mazda213.3 cubic feet27.8 cubic feet
2014 Ford Fiesta14.9 cubic feet25.4 cubic feet
2014 Toyota Yaris15.6 cubic feetNA
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