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The 2019 Ram is Solid, But it Looks Like a Tundra

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Wes grew up around cars at the family business. He makes no attempt to hide his love of early 90s GM products, and still repents selling his sweet '94 Pontiac Sunbird a few years back.

There’s only so much you can do with truck design. I kind of get that. But the new 2019 Ram trucks look way too much like Tundras to me.

At first glance after the unveiling in Detroit this week, it looked like a Tundra to me. And when you are rolling out a new model to beat the best-in-class F-150 and strong Silverado, a likeness to Toyota isn’t exactly what you’re going for.

Even so, the 2019 Ram does have some good things going for it that should make it competitive. I just wish it looked different

Certainly, some of the design cues come from the fact that trucks have to be aerodynamic these days. And Ram put its aero fron and center with the newest edition, sporting a 4×2 drag coefficient in the Quad Cab. To improve that number even more, Ram reps stated that the truck would have an air dam that goes down another 2.5 inches when the truck hits 35 mph. Yes, they are that serious about it. Fuel mileage is a big deal with new-age trucks.

The ride itself is improved on the new Ram as well, with new front independent suspension. Again, fuel efficiency comes into play with hollowed-out sway bars. But fear not, the payload capacity is still 2,300 pounds and it has a 12,700 pound tow rating.

When you factor in the additional cab space that Ram is touting (the most spacious in the segment, the company states), the 2019 Ram is going to be a solid truck.

It just didn’t need to look like a Tundra. Of course, I’ve been guilty of accusing truck brands of copy-catting design in the past.

2019 ram tundra

Ram 2019 grille

2019 ram aero


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