Always Be Yourself — Unless You Can Be Batman


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Real Batman in Japan

ChibatmanWay to go parents, you screwed up again! Growing up, they always told me to be myself. But they never told me I could be Batman. If I would have known I could be Batman, I WOULD HAVE BEEN BATMAN.

But whatever. At least this guy in Japan didn’t listen to such terrible advice. He realized long ago that if you want to be Batman, you can just go ahead and do that. So for the past three years or so, this Chiba, Japan citizen, who has now been dubbed Chibatman, has taken to the streets in full Dark Knight gear, including his own version of the Batcycle/Batpod.

While most of Chibatman’s attire looks like it was taken straight from the set of the Dark Knight, he made some alterations to his ride. By choosing a three-wheeled motorcycle rather than the two-wheeled Batpod from the Dark Knight movie, Chibatman is not required by law to wear a helmet. Because a vigilante with a helmet is sad.

Batpod Flips Against Wall

Come on…

Also, the real Batman in Japan won’t be able to recreate that stupid scene from The Dark Knight where Batman runs this motorcycle into the wall and turns it around. Worst part of the movie.

Although he waits patiently in traffic and doesn’t do vigilante things like stand watch atop buildings, he is a true inspiration for those of us who drive ho-hum sedans without capes.

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