Road-Rager Gets Beat Down By Foursome Of Lovable Cartoon Characters


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Ever since dash cams became a widespread phenomenon in Russia, boatloads of pixelated, low-quality footage of some pretty wild, but mostly mundane events has been finding its way onto YouTube.

If you type “Russian dash cam” into the search bar, you’ll come across everything from meteor showers to a drunk dude carelessly spinning around on a shopping cart in the middle of the highway, but out of the nearly 200,000 results, there are no videos quite as priceless as this one, which captures a guy stricken with road rage getting the shit beat out of him by none other than Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants and some deceptively cuddly woodland critters.

Take a second to scope this gem out.

Why the hell a quartet of costume-donning hardasses were all packed into the back of that cargo van is beyond me, but I’m glad that fate prevailed and allowed this to take place. Out of all the Russian dash cam videos out there, this one is second to none. If given the choice, I would take a full-grown man dressed as Scrat from “Ice Age” laying waste to some random dude’s face over a blurry meteor blazing through the sky ten times out of ten. Hands down. There is just no topping that.

Thanks to reddit user /u/Soviet_Waffle, we have a full translation of what the guys behind the dash cam are talking about, but unfortunately, the foreign banter going on in the car is not nearly as entertaining as I hoped it would be.

Guy1: What’s going on?

Guy2: Yawns

Guy1: Cmon let’s roll people!

Guy1: What’s that?

laughter starts

laughter intensifies

Guy3: Move closer!

uncomprehensible wordplay

Guy2: Teoma (Guy3) woke up just in time!

Guy2: His head fell off!

more laughter

Guy2: Now we are awake for sure!

Guy2: You can’t make this up!

Guy1: Thanks!

(As they are passing the beaten up guy)

Guy1: Thank you man, for getting us awake!

more laughter

If you ever come across a dash cam video more random than this, or even better, the police report that was filed after the road rage face-off went down, please be sure to post it in the comments below. I would love to see any video with the potential to best this one.

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