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Tom Brady Is Giving Malcolm Butler His Chevy Colorado

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Tom Brady has made more than $150 million dollars in his NFL career. He also has four Super Bowl rings, an incredibly wealthy super model wife, and the charm of a Disney prince. His teammate Malcolm Butler, who solidified the Patriots most recent Super Bowl victory with an interception in the final seconds, has none of those things.

But thanks to that play, Brady does owe Butler a debt of gratitude about the size of a new Chevy Colorado.

Although Brady is deserving of the Super Bowl MVP and the new truck that came with it, those opportunities would have never existed without Butler’s game-clinching interception. The MVP award is a nice notch on Brady’s belt of greatness, but do you really need the truck too, Tom?

Turns out, he does not. In an interview with WEEI in Boston, Brady said he would love to give the truck to Malcolm Butler and that he was going to try to “make that work.”

During the 2014 season, Butler was signed to a league minimum contract of $420,000, so a new Chevy Colorado filled with technology and stuff is a nice bonus for the rookie who has no certain future in the NFL. Although that interception won’t hurt his chances for success.

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