What Does Kim Kardashian Drive?


Wes grew up around cars at the family business. He makes no attempt to hide his love of early 90s GM products, and still repents selling his sweet '94 Pontiac Sunbird a few years back.

When Nissan took advantage of Kim Kardashian’s most recent shameless self promotion, we applauded. Nissan not only managed to make fun of Kim K, but also completely rode the coattails of her #BreakTheInternet moment to advertise the GT-R. Bravo, Nissan.

Then we got to thinking, would everyone’s favorite socialite actually drive a GT-R? Before even researching, the realization quickly hit that the six figure GT-R (MSRP $101,770) would likely be considered basically an economy car to the Kardashian clan. They would probably need to buy two at once just to feel okay about it.

So what does Kim Kardashian drive? Besides the high-priced vehicles of her many male suitors, she has indeed driven some luxurious cars that appear to be hers through the years. As expected, they are all very high-end – and hopefully have cushy seats for that rear end.

What does Kim Kardashian drive?

One of the first rides we can link Kim K to is this Range Rover. There was also a white one in the mix.

kim kardashian black range rover

She also used to own this white Rolls Royce Ghost.

kim kardashian white rolls royce

At some point in 2012, she switched it up, updating to this black Rolls Royce Ghost customized by Platinum Motorsport.

kim kardasian black rolls royce

Much like many celebs and athletes, the most famous Kardashian has been seen driving this Mercedes-Benz G63.

kim kardashian mercedes benz

Clearly, every celeb needs a ridiculous sports car as well. Kim’s is this Ferrari 458 Italia.

kim kardashian ferrari

No, it doesn’t make sense that someone with no discernible talents should be able to buy all these cars. But, this is America – you don’t have to be good at anything to be famous. Just look at Pitbull.


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