Who Is The Snowball Derby Trophy Girl?


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Swing… and a miss.

You’ve likely seen the video. (And if you haven’t, see below). After winning the prestigious Snowball Derby, KBM driver Noah Gragson was full of young 20-year old confidence. So much so, that he decided to call over Miss Snowball Derby and try to kiss her on the lips. But, she wasn’t playing along, as she resisted, leaving him embarrassed on Live TV.

Like Vikram taught us, confidence is the food of the wise man and the liquor of the fool


And honestly, Gragson should have been embarrassed. Maybe not the best idea to aggressively try to kiss a female you’ve never met in the days of the #MeToo movement. And for the record, it wasn’t okay before that either – but the history of the racing “trophy girl” is a complicated one for another day.

And yes, I’m aware that Gragson is claiming victory with an actual consensual kiss that happened shortly after – and even claiming to have gotten the girl’s digits.

But through all this, we have to ask – who is the Snowball Derby trophy girl?

Well, Miss Snowball Derby is Helena Ciappina. While there isn’t a lot out there about her, we do know a few things, as highlighted below.

What do we know about Miss Snowball Derby Helena Ciappina who Shut Down Noah Gragson?

She’s lived in the U.S. for about five years

She’s half French, half Italian

She speaks four languages

She Finished 56th in International Group 4 in the Maxim Covergirl competition

She didn’t expect to win Miss Snowball Derby in her second attempt

She put on a strong NASCAR block – but eventually gave in to the kiss (sigh)

Check out Helena Ciappina Instagram for more photos

helena ciappina snowball derby


helena ciappina pics

No doubt women thought it was hilarious that she rebuffed Gragson’s smooch attempt. But how are they left to feel when she later did kiss him and even gave him her number?

No matter how you feel about the post-race, it’s hard to argue that the race itself was a gem. Gragson out-gunned Wisconsin’s Ty Majeski for the title. And let’s face it, all of us race fans needed to see some action. We just didn’t need to see Noah fail at getting some action..

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