Dealership Bets Against A White Christmas With Free Car Promotion


Wes grew up around cars at the family business. He makes no attempt to hide his love of early 90s GM products, and still repents selling his sweet '94 Pontiac Sunbird a few years back.

Want a new car but don’t have money to pay for it? Well, if you can get approved for the loan – and are the gambling type – you may want to make a trip to the Chicago area later this week. Bill Kay Buick GMC in Downers Grove, Ill., is offering to pay off any car bought on Black Friday (they are calling it White Friday) or Saturday if it snows up to six inches on Christmas day.

festivus miracle

Umm, that’s Dec. 23…

But before you actually buy a car, you should know that the dealership appears to have hedged its bet pretty well on this one. The snowfall amount will be determined by the weather station at O’Hare International Airport. And according to records, the most Christmas day snow that O-Hare has received since 1958 is 2.5 inches in 1965.

So if you really don’t have the money, there’s a good chance that nice bank that gave you a loan will be owning your car before 2015 is over. And, is a Buick worth ruining your credit?

But hey, you never know…it is predicted to be a snowy winter.

a chance

No, probably not.


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