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HondaHAIR A Potential Godsend For Dudes With Buzz Cuts

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John is a full-time automotive blogger who digs cars, but also spends a disturbing amount of time watching and reading about movies. His first car was a maroon 1993 Buick Skylark which, after a solid seven-year run, was laid to rest in August of 2013.

Last year, as part of an ad campaign for the Odyssey’s in-van vacuum system, Honda released a fake ad on April Fool’s Day for a product called the “HondaHAIR.” When I first came across this ad, I happened to overlook the date that it was published on, so I watched the entire video believing that this thing was an actual product.

Honda has unveiled plans for crazier looking products, so you can’t blame me for briefly believing that the HondaHAIR ad was serious. It is, in fact, quite an ingenious idea. It’s an attachment for the HondaVAC that allows you to cut hair without having to sweep up any mess. As the ad says, “it’s an enjoyable way to cut hair on the go.” The HondaHAIR has fast-acting razors on the inside of the nozzle that trim the hairs pulled in by the suction of the HondaVAC.

The real question is why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? This obviously wouldn’t be the most effective tool for salon-grade haircuts as it would cut everything the same length, but for those all of those buzz cut-lovers out there, the HondaHAIR kind of seems like a godsend.

If you’re rocking the buzz cut, there’s a 95 percent chance that you choose to shave your own head simply because you’re too lazy to go to someone who actually knows what they’re doing (at least that’s why I always buzzed it up back in the day). Why not extend that laziness by completely eliminating the need for cleanup? Plus, you can knock out haircuts while you drive. The possibilities are endless.

Like I said, the HondaHAIR is not real, but it damn well should be. I’m giving Honda a year, and if they don’t cash in on this bad boy, I’m getting myself a patent.

Be sure to check out the full HondaHAIR ad below, then hop on down to the comment section and join the debate. Can you see yourself ditching your barber for a vacuum attachment?

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  1. Scot Standke

    Feb 6, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    Save your money on the patent John.

    The Flowbee has been around for years 😉

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