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Perfume Diffuser: The Fiat 500’s Overpriced Glade Plugin

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Fiat prides itself on the vast amount of accessories that they make available in their cars, but a closer examination of the automaker’s catalog shows that roughly half of the available accessories are worthless pieces of shit.

Take for example the Fiat 500 Perfume Diffuser pictured above, which plugs into your cigarette lighter and is timed to send out spurts of one of three fragrances including Citrus, Essence of Night and Breath of Fresh Air—sounds appetizing. Thankfully, it’s available for a reasonable price. According to my pound to dollar conversion, the Fiat 500 Perfume Diffuser is all yours for only $107.72.

I have an extremely hard time believing that anyone out there would ever waste a cup holder spot on this overpriced Glade Plugin, but maybe I’m wrong. Unfortunately I haven’t yet had the pleasure of basking in a cloud of “Essence of Night,” so I have no idea what it smells like, but until I see these fragrances bottled up and sold for personal use, I’m just going to assume that all three smell like straight dog shit. If it were sold in stores, it’s likely that it would be placed alongside the line of Axe deodorant spray.

If you really want to show off your love for Fiat, you can invest in the always classy “Oops I Fiated Again” embroidered polo shirt. At just over $25, it’s more modestly priced than the Perfume Diffuser, but there’s no arguing that it’s equally as douchey (bonus douche points for those who use both products simultaneously). Nothing say’s “I have no friends” quite like an “Oops I Fiated Again” polo doused in four battery-powered spurts of “Breath of Fresh Air.”

I understand that Fiats are the most accessorized cars on the market, but with accessories like the Perfume Diffuser in their catalog, it’s not exactly a claim that Fiat should be proud of.

Would you ever waste your money on a Fiat 500 Perfume Diffuser? Join the debate below.

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  1. Pete

    Jan 14, 2015 at 6:07 am

    The worst part of it is that THEY WITHDREW IT FROM THE MARKET!!! This is a SCANDAL! You can’t find refills anymore and you have to buy the new dispenser and new refills! And that until they withdraw it as well!!! WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY AND WHAT A FRAUD FROM FIAT…

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