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Taylor Swift Smashes Gorgeous Guy’s Car In New Blank Space Video

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Taylor Swift Blank Space Video Car

The Internet has been all worked up today over the beautiful man in Taylor Swift’s latest music video for her new single Blank Space. The guy in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space Music Video is male model, Sean O’Pry, but the real sight we all need to take in is the car.

The video depicts a short lived romance between Ms. Swift and her gorgeous suitor who is apparently, “new money.” Obviously, this dude is loaded with cash because in the video he is driving a vintage Shelby Cobra convertible (possibly a ‘66? Yell at me in the comments if I’m wrong).

Unfortunately for O’Pry, the relationship ends badly after he’s texting another girl who wanted a piece of the Pry.

Taylor Swift Smashes Car Blank SpacesEventually, Swift does her best Walter Sobchak and smashes the shit out of the classic muscle car. Don’t worry, our girl T-Swizzle clearly states that no automobiles were harmed in the making of the video and CGI was used to make the car look like it fell victim to Swift’s fury. In the end, O’Pry drives out of his mansion with a Jaguar as handsome as his fricken face, so he’s going to be okay.

Taylor Swift Blank Space Video

Fast forward to the 2:57 mark if you only care about the car in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video. But you aren’t fooling anyone, you’ll listen to the whole thing on your drive home.

*Hat tip to Paul Cashman of Morning Moss

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  1. sonu

    Dec 21, 2014 at 4:47 am

    But the guy who comes back with the red car not sean opry???

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